Group PT


Get your friends or family members and create your own private weekly fitness group!

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  • Return Policy: Products such as clothing, foods and supplements can be returned and refunded if product has not been opened or worn. Personal training sessions can be re-credited if cancelled 24 hours before the training session. Any later then this session will be accounted for. Any payment to use the fitness facility is non-refundable.

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This service is great for groups of friends or family members that are looking to get fitter together as a group. 

The cost of the session is £35 so the more of you that book on the cheaper it works out per person.

e.g. 4 people want to come along = £8.75 each

This gives you call the opportunity to keep fit in a private area and get as much help, advice and support as you call need to get you at your best. 

- If you are interested in booking a group in please pay for the full amount online and contact us to arrange your awesome fitness session. 

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