Weight Loss and Management

Diets fail for many reasons but one of the main reasons that diets fail is due to not focussing on sustainability. Most diets simply restrict a specific category of foods such as carbs or fats or protein, which will reduce calories causing a loss in weight.

When the dieter reaches their goal weight, they are generally left with no plan of action for the future of how they are going to manage their new weight. 

  • Do I have to continue eating low calories forever?
  • Can I never eat carbs again?
  • Do I have to continue working out this often?

What can actually be done to create a lasting effect on weight loss?

You can try these strategies below;

  • Minimise how often you diet, how restricted you are and for how long.
  • Avoid FAD diets and in a way you intend to eat in 40 years time, one that is sustainable and focusses on food quality in order to help control appetite and nutrient deficiency.
  • Eat in periods of eating at or above your metabolic rate.
  • Have a 'weight bracket'  that places you in at a varied and recommended weight that is the lowest you can reach and you you still feel energetic and healthy, then the highest weight that you feel is acceptable where you feel healthy and energetic, rather than focussing on one particular number.  
  • If you eat meat try focussing your meals around protein. (Think "what can I have with my chicken tonight")
  • Opt for low fat, low glycaemic carbohydrates and lean meat or fish.
  • If you enjoy a wine to relax with at night, try having flavoured sparkling water in your favourite wine glass with a few berries in.

Don't be one of the 95%, enjoy your food and find which healthy foods are your favourite. Too much restriction in your diet never lasts. Enjoy your favourite foods but think 80% Clean and 20% Treat!

Remember...Cake is a treat, don't treat yourself all the time otherwise its stops becoming a treat ;-)

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