Great Saver
Great Saver

Personal Training for 6 Months!

£500 £600(-16.67%)

Product Description

Personal training over the next six month will ensure you are motivated with a dedicated Personal Coach/Trainer of your choice. Our Personal Trainers are expected to meet a specific criteria before they come on board with Aston Health & Fitness. Your health is our priority and we want you to reach your goal without your health becoming affected like we sometimes see, through overtraining, not eating correctly or just simply poor planning. 

Have confidence in us to ensure you reach any goal you have in mind! Book in with us today.

Usually £30 per session or £100 for 4 sessions upfront. Save money today and pay £500 for a 6 month period. Thats just £20.80 per session 

Insure4Sport Personal Trainer Insurance