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Price:£1440 £1200



Personal Training Package for ONE YEAR!

This service includes;

  • 1 Personal Training Session each week for one year
  • Full Gym Membership for one year 
  • Nutriton & Fitness Programme for one year

Normally costs £1440 for the full year so make a saving today if you're ready for a new lifestyle that you won't regret. 

  • Please note that this is non-refundable and you're committing to a new lifestyle and a great journey to a healthier you. 
  • We can pause the periods of training if you fall ill, lose motivation or struggling with mental or physical health too much to continue. You won't lose your time you have paid for but if you decide you don't wish to continue at all then this is down to the client and we would encourage you to try again.
Insure4Sport Personal Trainer Insurance