A fresh start focussing on mental health, weight management, fitness and nutrition as a whole.


Price:£30 £15



Mental health is the foundation of what our overall health is built upon and we aim to include this in our services where a client may feel it is necessary as they begin their journey in self-improvement whether this is through their physical activity levels, their food choices or their thought pattern. 

We provide our clients with the tools and support to improve mental health in the community, regardless of age and confidence level. Mental health training and self development is just one of the ways we are changing the experience of living a fitter and healthier lifestyle through a deeper support service, which includes the current state of mental health in each client.

We work to balance your main foundations to ensure you remain fit, active and healthy for the rest of your life.

No matter what level you are currently at with your fitness, nutrition and mental health, we work with you to gradually improve all components of health - that being nutrition, fitness levels and mental health. 

All three components are what determine our overall health. 

If you feel you require help and support in one or more of these areas, contact us to book your first initial online consultation where we can start to improve your life today. 

  • This service is an online weekly service at the cost of £30 per session - currently on offer for £15 per session
  • Each meeting normally lasts between 45 - 60 minutes
  • The service is completely discreet & confidential
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